Varreler Bäke

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Germany, Delmenhorst

The Varreler Bäke is a stream in north Germany that comes from the Klosterbach brook which flows south of Bremen on Lower Saxon territory through the villages of Bassum, Kirchseelte and Stuhr-Heiligenrode. From Stuhr-Varrel (Tölkenbrück) the Klosterbach is given the name Varreler Bäke. This then flows for a short distance throu the district of Diepholz (Lower Saxony) and then continues through the city-state of Bremen through Huchting. It discharges into the River Ochtum near the village of Strom. The Varreler Bäke has a length of about 6 km. It is part of the Weser basin. In Stuhr-Varrel there is still a water mill. It is witness to the fact that even the water power of streams was once used to generate power in order to run corn mills.