Fernmeldeturm Bremen

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Germany, Bremen

Bremen-Walle Telecommunication Tower (official designation of Bremen TV tower), which is not accessible for the public, is, just like the telecommunication tower at M√ľnster and the Friedrich-Clemens-Gerke Tower in Cuxhaven, a reproduction of the telecommunication tower Kiel (draft: Architect dipl. Ing. Gerhard Kreisel and dipl. Ing. Guenter H. Mueller, Kiel). It is 235.70 meters high. The diameter of the operating pulpit, which is 108.20 meters above ground, is 40 meters. The telecommunication tower is located in the Bremen quarter Walle at the Utbremer road, about 2.5 kilometers northwest from the city centre (market place with city hall, pc. Petri cathedral, Roland and the city musicians of Bremen). All FM-radio and TV programs of radio Bremen in Bremen are transmitted today from this tower. In addition there is a 70 centimeter amateur radio relays the DB0OZ with an expenditure frequency of 438.825 MHz is on the tower. In order to furnish the year 2000 it was considered, to install a restaurant in the operating pulpit. These plans were however again rejected.