Callington Mill

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Australia, Australia, Tasmania

Callington Mill is a Lincolnshire tower mill built in 1837 in Oatlands, Tasmania. The mill still stands today, with significant reconstruction in 1988 and 2010. Traditional baker and blacksmith Alan Scott was a central figure at the mill. Today the mill is a major tourist attraction of Oatlands. Visitors are able to climb the internal stairs for a view across Oatlands and surrounds. As of early 2009, efforts were underway to recommence milling operations at Callington Mill. The efforts include the search for a full-time miller that resulted in a "flood" of applicants. The Callington Mill, Mill Lane, Oatlands, Tasmania is now fully restored and operational, grinding locally sourced flour as it did over 120 years ago. It is the only working example of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. Visitors are welcome to come and see the Mill and the Mill Precinct. 'Millers Way' guided tours of the Mill Precinct and Tower happen daily (10am-3pm, on every hour). The mill is accompanied by the Oatlands Heritage Highway Visitor Centre. The mill featured on the Tasmanian ABC Television program Stateline on April 30 2010.