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Europe, Romania, Vrancea

The town of Panciu (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈpant͡ʃju]) in the county of Vrancea in Romania lies on the river Şuşiţa, in southern Moldavia, 30 km (19 mi) northwest of Focşani. It has a population of approximately 9,000. City attractions of Panciu are: “Brazi” Hermitage, cellars of “Stefan cel Mare”, but also the grave of writer Ioan Slavici. At “Brazi” Hermitage rest the relics of St. Theodosius, the patron saint of the city, canonized in 2003. Writer Ioan Slavici is a personality with whom the Panciu city throws up. Born on 18 January 1848 in Siria, Arad County, the writer withdraws to Panciu city where dies on August 17, 1925. Writer’s corpse was buried, according to his testamentary desire,at „Brazi” Hermitage. The Cellars of Stephen the Great represent one of the main attractions of the ” Wine Road “and of the Panciu city. At this moment the Cellars of Stephen the Great are under the administrations of SC Veritas SA Panciu. The building of cellars were assigned to Prince Stephen the Great and were discovered in 1949. In the same year the electrification of cellars was completed and they were transformed into spaces for wine storage. From 1968 they began populating the cellars with bottles of champagne for aging. Today, the cellars are composed of a central corridor that branches out a number of 36 lateral galleries of approximately three kilometers. The storage capacity of these corridors is three million bottles. Galleries temperature is constant all year round and is located between 11-12 degrees Celsius. The region is famous for its white wines but also for its sparkling wines (white, red and rosé).