Ohlone Park

Orientation & Geography

North America, United States, Alameda County

Ohlone Park is a public park in the city of Berkeley, California, United States, situated on a strip of land along the north side of Hearst Avenue between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Sacramento Street. Directly underground is the subway used by the Bay Area Rapid Transit system's Richmond-Fremont and Richmond-Daly City lines. The park is mostly grass with a scattering of trees, and includes pedestrian and bicycle paths, a dog park, a basketball court, and a small ballfield. The park was created ad hoc by Berkeley citizens in connection with the People's Park controversy of the late 1960s. The land was originally occupied by residences which were acquired, then razed by BART in the construction of its subway through Berkeley. After the trench for the subway was filled in, BART planned to construct apartment complexes on the strip. But before their plans were complete, Berkeley citizens began planting sod and planting trees, and dubbed the strip "People's Park Annex". After much haggling and public discussion, BART agreed to turn the Hearst strip over to the City of Berkeley. The park was formally named "Ohlone Park" after the name of the local indigenous people.