Toowong Village Shopping Centre

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Australia, Australia, Queensland

Toowong Village is a building situated at the centre of the Brisbane suburb of Toowong, Queensland, Australia, on the block of land bounded by Coronation Drive, High Street and Sherwood Road. The blue glass office tower is a prominent landmark visible from Toowong and surrounding suburbs. Opened in 1986, Toowong Village is an office tower and shopping centre. The complex was built on the site of the former Patterson's sawmill and over the existing Toowong Railway station. There was some controversy over its development as the Queensland Government overrode the Brisbane town plan to permit its construction. The Brisbane City Council had refused to permit its construction because of concerns about traffic congestion in surrounding streets. The shopping centre is located on the lower floors of the office tower, and includes the Toowong Post Office, the Toowong branch of the Brisbane City Library, photocopying facilities and medical centre. The shopping centre includes 86 specialty stores over an area of approximately 31,000 square metres. There is a lift and also travelators (a cross between a slanting moving walkway and an escalator) within the centre of Toowong Village. The travelators allow patrons to take shopping trolleys down, or up, to other floors of the building, without requiring to use the lift. The Toowong Railway Station is also located in the base of the building. The entry to the station is from the Gallery level of Toowong Village, near Sizzler. Toowong Village is open to the public seven days a week.