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Europe, Poland, Wodzisław County

Rydułtowy [rɨduu̯ˈtɔvɨ] (German: Rydultau), is a town in southern Poland. It is in the Wodzisław County of the Silesian Voivodeship. Rydułtowy is in the south-western part of the Silesian Highland, on the Rybnik Plateau, in the Oświęcim-Racibórz Valley. A mining town, Rydułtowy has been closely bound with the 200-year-old "Rydułtowy-Anna" coal mine. Rydułtowy was first mentioned in documents from 1228. Rudolphi Willa is the name of the village in the Racibórz Principality, as shown in the books of the Wrocław Archbishop, dated from the 13th century.