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North America, United States, Chester County

Bucktown is a historic, unincorporated village within South Coventry Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States. Located at the intersection of Route 23 and Route 100, it is home to the Owen J. Roberts School District's main campus. Like every village in the Coventry townships, Bucktown has many historical buildings. Local businesses that call Bucktown home include a real estate office, Sunoco gas station, bank, car dealership, church, restaurant, an auto garage, Hair Dresser, another auto garage, and a horse shop. Most of these businesses are located along Route 100. A large dairy farm named Ridglea Farms used to exist just next to Bucktown. The farm consisted of a dairy store, restaurant and farm. However in the early 2000s, the owners sold their land to developers who created a large-scale neighborhood named Ridglea, and community living area for residents older than 55 years old. The restaurant still exists and is still popular with locals. Bucktown took its name from Buck Tavern which stood upon one of the corners since 1790. In 1883 it had only six houses and a hotel.