Orientation & Geography

Europe, Croatia, Istria

Fažana (Italian: Fasana) is a village and a municipality in Istria, Croatia, a small port and fishermen's centre in the south-western part of the western Istrian coast in the Fažana Strait, 8 km northwest of Pula. It is located on a low part of the coast, well protected from the sea by Brijuni - Brioni Islands. Today, Fažana is the transport hub for boat excursions to the Islands. Gentle hills in the interior are under orchards, vineyards and olive-groves; the landscape is dominated by pine forests. Chief occupations include fishing, fish-processing and building of smaller fishing boats. Glass-processing is also well-developed. The town is located on the regional road Vodnjan/Dignano - Fažana - Veli Vrh/Monte Grande - Pula/Pola. In 1379, the fleets of Venice (under the command of Vettor Pisani) and Genoa (under the command of Luciano Doria) fought a battle in the Fažana Strait. Yugoslavia's Cold War President, Marshal Josip Broz Tito, is reputed to have loved Fažana and the Brioni Islands, spending up to six months of his year there. Yugoslav President was reported to have joined local fisherman in their work during his stays in Fažana.