Museum Folkwang

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Europe, Germany, Essen

Museum Folkwang is a major collection of 19th and 20th century art in Essen, Germany. The museum was established in 1922 by merging the Essener Kunstmuseum, which was founded in 1906, and the private Folkwang Museum of the collector and patron Karl Ernst Osthaus in Hagen, founded in 1901. The term Folkwang derives from the name of the afterlife meadow of the dead, Fólkvangr, presided over by the Norse goddess Freyja. Museum Folkwang incorporates the Deutsche Plakat Museum (German poster museum), whose circa 340 000 posters from politics, economy and culture. Paul J. Sachs called it: "The most beautiful museum in the world". In 2007, David Chipperfield designed an extension.