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The Historisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven (HOME) (Historic Open air museum of Eindhoven) is an archaeological open air museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, focusing on the Iron Age and Middle Ages of the province of Noord-Brabant. The museum is situated in the Genneper Parken park area in the southern side of the city. It focuses on the daily lives and routines of people in the time periods mentioned, through demonstrations and recreations of buildings, practices and routines. For example, there are demonstrations of cooking on open fire, of games played in the Middle Ages and groups of school children are allowed to spend the night in the stables. The museum has several distinct target audiences. Primary among these are school children, who comprise most of the visitors on weekdays. In the weekends and during holiday season the museum focuses on regular tourists. The museum features a lot of living history exhibits as well as semi-historical reenactments. During holiday seasons extra activities are staged for children. The museum also arranges historically themed corporate and family outings outside of opening hours. Some 60.000 people visited the museum in 2005. Luc Eekhout became director of the museum in September 2010.