Château Rouge


Europe, France, Paris

Château Rouge is a station of the Paris Métro, serving Line 4 in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The station was opened on 21 April 1908 as part of the first section of the line from Châtelet to Porte de Clignancourt. The station is named for the Place du Château Rouge, named for a handsome residence of red bricks built nearby in 1760 and demolished in 1875. The nearby Goutte d'Or district has many inhabitants of African origin and the Rue Dejean street market operates every day except Monday. Take the metro to Château-Rouge (not on Monday) and step outside. For the price of a subway ticket you are transported in the heart of Africa. You'll find everything - African princesses who have become stars on French TV, thieves, drug dealers, artists, French middle class families who live here and fight for their turf or who just come to Château-Rouge to do their groceries or buy colorful fabric. The heart of the neighborhood is the Rue Dejean. Every day, the most amazing market takes place there. Sunday is the busiest day. Here, fruit look like vegetables, bananas are huge and vegetables look like nothing you know. You'll also see fish you cannot find anywhere else like the sompate and the machoiron from Sénégal, or small sharks. If you take the rue des Poissonniers, you'll find grocers from the West Indies and Africa, not fish mongers. Ask and you will be told how to prepare the macabo from Cameroon. You don't need to want to buy anything to go to Château-Rouge. Go there just for the sounds and the colors and the atmosphere. It is a very different Paris.