Porte de Clichy


Europe, France, Paris

Porte de Clichy is a station of Métro and RER in the 17th arrondissement. It lies on the north-western branch of Line 13, and is station is situated under Avenue de Clichy. The station opened 20 January 1912 with the opening of the second branch of line B of the Nord-Sud company from La Fourche. On 27 March 1931 line B became line 13 of the Métro. The line remained the terminus until 9 May 1980 when the extension to Asnières - Gennevilliers - Gabriel Péri opened. As such, a loop track is provided at the northern end of the station for trains to terminate and return towards central Paris. The RER station opened on 29 September 1991. The station is named after the Porte de Clichy , a gate in the nineteenth century Thiers wall of Paris, which led to Clichy.