High Green

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High Green is the northernmost suburb of Sheffield, England. It is found to the north of Chapeltown and is served by a number of buses; the nearest rail station is in Chapeltown 1 mile away. High Green has expanded rapidly to fill its green belt limits within the last 20 years, now merging building-wise with Chapeltown. The scenery of the Wharncliffe Crags is not far from High Green, and Westwood Country Park is within easy reach. The dam set in the country park is a favourite place for fishermen, joggers, walkers and local children. The older, council-owned houses were part refurbished about 10 years ago, Now they are being modernised to the council decent homes programme. The centre of High Green has a Post Office that has recently moved to the local shop, local pubs, a dentist, two doctors' practices and a few shops along the main street, Wortley Road. High Green has 5 primary schools: 4 mainstream schools (Angram Bank Primary, High Green Primary, Greengate Lane Primary and St. Mary's Primary) and 1 non-maintained special school, Paces School formerley High Green Secondary, for both primary and secondary age children. High Green does not have a mainstream secondary school; pupils instead usually go to Ecclesfield School, approximately 2 miles away in the Ecclesfield suburb. Other mainstream secondary schools that children in the area commonly got to are Stocksbridge or Notre Dame. Since 1997, High Green has been the home of Paces, a registered charity managing services for children and young people with cerebral palsy and their families, including Paces School which uses the Conductive education approach. The school is at the heart of Paces Campus, a regular local community centre that offers a range of child-care, IT, training, sports, arts and health activities open to all. The popular band Arctic Monkeys comes from High Green, their song Red Light Indicates Doors are Secured includes the lyrics "I said it's High Green mate, via Hillsborough please"