Mount Adams

Orientation & Geography

North America, United States, Hamilton County

Mt. Adams is a geographic landmark and residential neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, located directly east of downtown Cincinnati, south of Walnut Hills, south-west of East Walnut Hills, and west of the East End. Mt Adams is surrounded by one of Cincinnati's finest parks—Eden Park, Cincinnati. The park borders the hill on three sides and gives residents a sense of removal from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located within the park is the Krohn Conservatory and one of Cincinnati's oldest water works projects, now part of the park. Mt. Adams landmarks include the Cincinnati Art Museum, Playhouse in the Park, Rookwood Pottery (now converted to a restaurant), Pilgrim Chapel, Holy Cross Monastery and the Immaculata Church. Today, Mount Adams is popular among the 21+ age group for its assortment of bars and restaurants. As owners of some of the city's most sought-after real estate, the 1,600 residents of Mt. Adams have one of the highest per capita incomes in the city.