Orientation & Geography

North America, United States, Park County

Yanceys (also known as Pleasant Valley) is a location in Yellowstone National Park in Park County, Wyoming, United States. In 1882, "Uncle" John Yancey, established a remote mail station and hotel in this area for the benefit of tourists traveling in the northern part of the park.. John F. Yancey died in 1903 and his heirs ran the hotel until 1905 when it was abandoned. No buildings remain in Pleasant Valley today. When "Uncle" John Yancey, peace to his ashes, selected the site for his home and built his cabin under the shelter of the mountain at the north end of Pleasant Valley, he displayed that capacity to discover and appropriate the best things of the earth which is characteristic of American pioneers. Here game was abundant and everything that a remote, mountainous country could supply to the frontiersman was at hand. A stream of purest water ran by the door, and the open, grassy meadows were ample for the supply of hay and pasturage. The scenery is delightful, varied and picturesque. No other locality in the Park is comparable with it as a place of abode, and there is no pleasanter place in which to spend a week than at "Yancey's." – Klahowya, Fly Fishing in Wonderland, 1910