Ta' Xbiex

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Malta, Malta

Ta' Xbiex is a small town in southeastern Malta with a population of 1,846 (Nov 2005). It also has its own local council. The town is home of a number of foreign embassies, including the Embassies of Egypt, Italy, France and the British High Commission. The town also features a government housing estate and over the years it has also hosted a good amount of insurance companies, law firms and some IT and ship chandler service industries. It also services part of the Yacht Marina. Ta' Xbiex derives its name either from the name Tbexbix, meaning sunrise, (due to its geographical position) or else from the word Xbiek, meaning net, since this small town started off as a fishing village. It became a parish in 1969. The Parish Church dedicated to St John of the Cross is run by the Discalced Teresian Carmelite Monks.