Orientation & Geography

Europe, Slovenia, Upper Carniola

Puštal is a settlement on the right bank of the River Sora in the Škofja Loka municipality in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. It is in effect a suburb of the actual town of Škofja Loka and is connected to it by a road bridge and a more famous wooden footbridge called The Devil's Plank (Slovene: Hudičeva brv). The local church is dedicated to The Holy Cross and lies on a small hill dominating the settlement. This gives it its local name of Cerkev na Hribcu (Church on the Little Hill). There are twelve small chapels representing the Stations of the Cross alongside the path up to the church. Another point of interest in Puštal is a 500 year old wooden house known as Nace's house (Slovene: Nacetova hiša) in which a small museum collection has been assembled. A Renaissance mansion known as Puštal Castle, now housing the Škofja Loka Music School, was originally built in c 1220 and has a rounded corner tower and an arcaded courtyard. On the wall of the Castle Chapel is a fresco by Giulio Quaglio the Younger the Descent from the Cross, dating to 1706.