kiteen eläinpuisto

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Europe, Finland, North Karelia

Kitee Zoo, located in Kitee, Finland is the fourth biggest zoo in the country. It was opened in the 1996 and has over 50 animal species. There are both Finnish animals, such as bears and lynxes, as well as more exotic animals. It has also the only yaks in the Finland. Some of the animals include : Adder Arctic fox Badger Bear Blackgrouse Chicken Chinchilla Chipmunk Commonquail¨ Eagle owl Emu Fox Geese Gerbil Goat Grey partridge Guinea pig Hamster Lynx Mallard Mink Muteswan Northern goshawk Norwegian lemming Ostrich Peacock Pig Polecat Pony Rabbits Racoon dog Reindeer Sheep Slow worm Turkey Whitetailed deer Wild boar Wolwerine Woodgrouse