Orientation & Geography

Europe, France, Isère

Chamrousse is a commune in the Isère department in south-eastern France. The majestic mountain scenery towering above Grenoble is, for the most part, formed by the Belledonne range. At 30 km (19 mi.) from the Olympic Town, in the southern part of this mountain group, lies Chamrousse (a famous ski resort), formed by the Recoin at 1650 m (5413') and the Roche Béranger at 1750 m (5741'). Two excellent roads lead up to the resort, where an immense and sunny domain can be used for skiing, satisfactory both to beginners and experts. The ski-lifts reach the Cross of Chamrousse (2253 m, 7392'), where a grand panorama englobes the mountain groups of Oisans, Grandes Rousses and Taillefer. Chamrousse hosted the six alpine skiing events at the 1968 Winter Olympics, where Jean-Claude Killy of France swept all three gold medals in the men's events. All women's events took place at Recoin de Chamrousse, located 2 km away.