Orientation & Geography

Europe, Austria, Güssing

Moschendorf (Hungarian: Német-Sároslak, NémetSároslak) is a town, actually a small hamlet in the district of Güssing in Burgenland, Austria. The place was originally known as "Lak", or habitation, dwelling as far back as the 13th century. In 1482 it became Saroslak, essentially meaning boggy habitation. The actual name of Moschendorf first appeared sometime in the 17th century when it was first documented as Mos, Moos, or in english Moor. Mos-chen-dorf was probably used to indicate it nature as a habitation or dwelling within a small peaty bog or moor. The initial landlords of Moschendorf were the Batthyány of Güssing, and then in the 17th century they ruled from Körmend. The 17th century was a difficult period for many in Moschendorf. It is during this time that the population was decreased to two-thirds its original size due to wars, pestilence and occasionally flooding from the nearby river, the Pinka. It wasn't until the 18th century that the development of the town truly began.