Mont Orford

Orientation & Geography

North America, Canada, Quebec

Mount Orford (French: Mont Orford) is a mountain, ski resort and provincial park in the Eastern Townships region of the Canadian province of Quebec, Canada. It is a few minutes away from the town of Magog and one hour from Montreal. The ski resort consists of three summits: Mont Giroux, Mont Orford and Mont Alfred Desrochers, and four sides. It is the home mountain of Olympic medalist Nicolas Fontaine, and there is a glade named in his honour. The main summit, Orford, is served by a $6.5 million "Hybrid Chairlift" or Telemix. This means that on one single cable, instead of only gondolas or only chairs, there are both 8-person gondolas and 6-person chairs. This system is rather common in Europe, but it was the first of its kind in North America. In 2006, the provincial government and then-Environment Minister Claude B├ęchard announced the increase of the size of Orford as a provincial park. In addition, they would have sold the ski resort and golf course to private interests despite opposition from environmental groups. Inside the 80 hectares sold, developers planned to built condominiums, restaurants, boutiques and a hotel which were opposed by several groups. The planned development was to be similar to Mont-Tremblant but on a lesser scale and several other projects had been planned previously. . However, on May 7, 2007, new Environment Minister Line Beauchamp announced that the province will not sell Orford