Polizeipräsidium München

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Europe, Germany, Munich

The Polizeipräsidium München (Police Headquarters of Munich) is a part of the Bavarian State Police. It consists of 7,100 officers and is located in Munich. The headquarters was established on October 1, 1975, being reorganized from the city police (Stadtpolizei München). The jurisdiction spans over all of Munich (except exterritorial grounds), its districts and a small portion of Starnberg (Krailling and Stockdorf, the latter being a part of Gauting). Dr. Wilhelm Schmidbauer has been the Police Commissioner since March, 2003. The Police headquarters has 10 subordinate operational departments. Four police departments, for the north, east, south and west areas of the city, with a total of 26 police and four investigation stations, perform uniformed police missions and handle petty and moderately serious crime. The traffic police department is responsible for special traffic functions. Special services such as the Spezialeinsatzkommando (SWAT team), rapid reaction companies or the police dog and mounted police are covered by the special forces and central services departments. Three investigation departments (Kriminalpolizeidirektionen), which are organised in offence oriented sections and squads, prevent, pursue and clear up serious criminal offences.