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Europe, Portugal

Pinhel (Portuguese pronunciation: [piˈɲɛɫ]) is a municipality in Centro Region, Beira Interior Norte Subregion, Portugal with a total area of 484.5 km² and a total population of 10,436 inhabitants. The city of Pinhel has about 3.500 inhabitants. The municipality is composed of 27 parishes, and is located in the District of Guarda.The name Pinhel is related to pine woods. Pinhel is a city, a parish and a municipality. Principal monument: Castle of Pinhel. Main river:Côa, a tributary of the river Douro. Essential elevation: Serra da Marofa. The northern part of the municipality is comprised by the Parque Arqueologico do Vale do Coa, a pre historic rupestre park, declared by UNESCO as a World Patrimony Heritage. which Pinhel shares with Foz Coa. Municipalities nearby:Guarda, Trancoso, Almeida, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Mêda and Vila Nova de Foz Côa ,all in the district of Guarda. Pinhel was once the seat of Pinhel Diocese.Now is part of Guarda diocese.Pinhel was promoted to city in 1770. The present Mayor is António Luís Monteiro Ruas, elected by the Social Democratic Party. The municipal holiday is August 25.