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Europe, Russia, городской округ Ижевск

Izhevsk (Russian: Иже́вск, IPA: [ɪˈʐɛfsk]; Udmurt: Иж, Ижкар, Iž, Ižkar) is the capital city of the Udmurt Republic, Russia. The city is situated on the Izh River in the Western Urals. From 1984 to 1987 Izhevsk carried the name Ustinov (Усти́нов, in honor of Soviet general Dmitriy Ustinov). The city is an important industrial center, and is the economic, industrial and administrative hub of the republic. Izhevsk is especially noted for its military industry, with Russia's biggest munitions enterprise, Izhmash, manufacturer of the AK-47, based in the city. Population: 628,100 (2010 Census preliminary results); 632,140 (2002 Census); 635,109 (1989 Census).