Maria Island National Park

Orientation & Geography

Australia, Australia, Tasmania

Maria Island is a mountainous island off the east coast of Tasmania. The entire island is a National Park. Maria Island National Park has a total area of 115.50 km² which includes a marine area of 18.78 km², off the island's north-west coast. The island is about 20 km in length from north to south and, at its widest, is about 13 km west to east. At its closest point (Point Lesueur), the island lies four kilometres off the east coast of Tasmania. Tasmanians pronounce the name English pronunciation: /məˈraɪ.ə/ mə-ry-ə, as did the early British settlers, but the original pronunciation was English pronunciation: /məˈriː.ə/ mə-ree-ə. The island was named in 1642 by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman after Maria van Diemen (née van Aelst), wife of Anthony van Diemen, the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies in Batavia. The island was known as Maria's Isle in the early 19th century . The original, Aboriginal name for the island was Toarra-Marra-Monah.