Bidston Windmill

Orientation & Geography

Europe, United Kingdom, England

Bidston Windmill is situated on Bidston Hill, near Birkenhead, on the Wirral Peninsula, England. It is believed that there has been a windmill on this site since 1596. The mill was ideally placed to catch the wind, but difficult to access by cart. The previous structure, a wooden peg mill, was destroyed by fire in 1791 (although some sources state 1793). During a gale, the sails got out of control and the friction produced by the revolving wooden mechanism caused the entire mill to burst into flames. The current building was built in about 1800 and continued working as a flour mill until about 1875. After falling into disuse, The windmill, and the land on which it stands, was purchased by Birkenhead Corporation and restored from 1894. There is a plaque on the windmill that reads as follows: It was again badly damaged in 1927 and a public subscription was raised to carry out the necessary repairs. The windmill has since been reconditioned several times since. During 2006 the roof of the windmill was replaced as part of a refurbishment program to maintain the structure.