Duval Street

Orientation & Geography

United States, Monroe County

Duval Street (DOO-VAHL) is a famous downtown commercial zoned street in Key West, Florida, running north and south from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. Duval Street is the location of many famous restaurants and bars, including Sloppy Joe's, The Bull and Whistle, Rick's Cafe and Irish Kevins bar. It is named for William Pope Duval, the first territorial governor of Florida. On certain nights, Duval Street is a carnival that lasts until dawn and beyond. The pub crawl in the area is sometimes called the "Duval crawl." At the north end, tourists from the cruise ships that dock at the Hilton harbor complex, Mole pier or Mallory Square are often seen traversing Duval Street's many shops in the afternoon looking for souvenir trinkets and T-shirts. At the south end of Duval Street is the Southernmost House, a striking Victorian architecture mansion built in 1886 bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, South Street and Duval Street. Near the northern end of the street is Mallory Square.