Crediton Parish Church

Architecture & Buildings

Europe, United Kingdom, Devon

The Church of the Holy Cross and the Mother of Him who hung thereon (or Crediton Parish Church) is a prominent building and worshipping community in the Devon town of Crediton. The church was the cathedral of the Lord Bishop of Crediton in the former diocese until 1050 when the See was transferred to Exeter. A College of Canons remained at Crediton, administering the buildings and life of the collegiate church. At the Reformation the church was surrendered to Henry VIII in 1545 and the college dispersed. The church buildings were bought by the Crediton Town Corporation who still administer the fabric today. Now a parish church, the life of the church is administered by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), although many still refer to the church as the Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross. The Church is held in trust by the Governors of Crediton for the people of the parish, but its life and worship are planned by the clergy and Parochial Church Council (PCC).