Williamson Park

Orientation & Geography

Europe, United Kingdom, Lancashire

Williamson Park is a park in Lancaster, England. Its focal point is the Ashton Memorial. The park was constructed by millionaire James Williamson, 1st Baron Ashton, and his father, also called James Williamson. The park now covers an area of 217,000 m², having been extended in 1999 into adjoining land, Fenham Carr, following a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Features of the park include the Ashton Memorial, fountains, a butterfly house, a café, a children's play area, the Lancaster sundial on the site of what was once a bandstand, some sculptures and a small folly known as the Temple. The park is extensively wooded, with many pathways winding among the trees. During July and August each year, the local Duke's Playhouse performs a promenade play in the park each evening, using the natural scenery as the stage and requiring the audience to follow the actors from scene to scene.