Europa Rosarium

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Germany, Landkreis Mansfeld-Südharz

The Europa-Rosarium (12.5 hectares), formerly the Rosarium Sangerhausen, is a municipal rose garden located at Steinberger Weg 3, Sangerhausen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, which describes itself at the largest rose collection in the world. It is open daily in the warmer months; an admission fee is charged. The blossoming season is nevertheless shorter than the opening season; the admission fee is charged anyway. The garden was established in 1902 on a 1.5 hectare site designed by landscaping architect Friedrich Erich Doerr of Erfurt. In 1913 the Hermenbüste, a statue of Princess Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein by Arnold Künne (1866–1942) of Berlin, was inaugurated, and Frau Auguste Vogel donated 7,000 Marks to expand the garden site to 12 hectares. In 1939 the garden was again expanded to its current extent, at which time it contain some 5,000 rose varieties. In 1993 it received its current name. Today the garden contains about 75,000 rose bushes representing over 8,300 different rose cultivars, and describes itself as the most comprehensive rose collection in the world, with a Wild Rose collection containing about 300 species of rare trees and shrubs. The garden also contains an arboretum of about 250 types of trees and shrubs.