Scopello (Piemont)

Orientation & Geography

Europe, Italy, Vercelli

The Commune of Scopello (Italian: Comune di Scopello; population c.450) is located in the Valsesia region of the Italian Pennine Alps, in the Piedmontese Province of Vercelli. The municipality covers an area of 18.62 km² and ranges in elevation from 640 to 1,930 metres above sea level. Its main centre of population, and the capoluogo of the commune, is the small town of Scopello which stands on the river Sesia at an elevation of 659 m. Other centres include Casa Pareti, Chioso, Frasso, Villabella, and Alpe di Mera. The last of these, as the name ‘Alpe’ suggests, once provided summer pasture for livestock. Today it is a winter ski resort.