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Europe, Slovenia, Goriška

Pristava (Italianized: Prestava, Friulian: Rafût, German: Prestau), also known as Rafut, is one of the four suburbs of the town of Nova Gorica in the Goriška region of western Slovenia (the other three are Solkan, Rožna Dolina and Kromberk). Between the late 18th century and 1947, it used to be a suburb of the town of Gorizia (now in Italy). When the city was partitioned in 1947, most of the city center remained in Italy, while its eastern suburbs were annexed to SFR Yugoslavia. Part of Pristava (Rafut) remained in Italy, while part of it became part of the SR Slovenia. In some cases, the border was drawn literally between the single houses. Until Slovenia's entry into the Schengen zone in 2007, a local border pass functioned in Pristava. The Kostanjevica Monastery, in which Charles X of France is buried, is located on a hill above the settlement.